Re-Instate Legal Aid for Immigration Cases

Access to justice is a fundamental pillar of our society.
Yet, it has been 10 years since the government began its attack on immigration legal aid, leaving many facing detention, deportation and permanent separation from their loved ones without vital legal advice. 

While the public foots the bill for Boris Johnson's party gate legal fees, ordinary people are shut out and left in a legal aid drought.

Even those eligible for legal aid struggle to find representation in a decimated legal aid industry. In the words of our client:

"I’ve lived in the UK from the age of four, and now I’m in my mid-30s, having to fight to stay in a country I’ve lived in all my life. The UK is all I know. It was such a relief to know that I was entitled to legal aid, but the realisation soon hit home. We tried over 45 immigration solicitors, only to be told not one would be able to take on my case, due to not enough capacity. So it begs the question, is this truly access to justice or just an illusion?" 

Show your support by signing our petition to bring all immigration cases back into the scope of Legal Aid. 

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