Ask your MP to take action

The government wants to open two new detention centres to detain an extra 1000 people for immigration purposes. We need your help to stop them. The estimated cost is £399 million and it will increase the number of people that can be detained at any given time by 33%.

Immigration detention is harmful, unnecessary and expensive. It ruins lives and destroys communities. Unlawful detention compensation pay-outs are at record levels – in 2021-2022, the Home Office paid out £12.7m to 572 people who had been unlawfully detained. But instead of helping out UK residents with the cost of living crisis, the government is spending £227million on a new detention centre.

There couldn’t be a more vital time to resist the government’s hostile agenda. In the past, the government ditched its inhumane and impractical plans to warehouse 1500 people seeking asylum in military barracks in a small North Yorkshire village, after sustained campaigning from NGOs, local groups, individuals and politicians. Help us inflict another defeat on the government.

There is already significant opposition to these plans. Layla Moran, MP for Oxford West and Abingdon (where Campsfield House is located), has tabled an Early Day Motion (EDM). As many MPs as possible must sign up to the EDM and speak out against these inhumane plans.

Will you ask your MP to do everything they can to #KeepCampsfieldClosed and #KeepHaslarClosed?