Show some love and end the UK's heartless automatic deportation regime

At the end of a prison sentence, British people are free to rebuild their lives with their loved ones.

But for those classed as ‘foreign’, including many born or raised in the UK, different rules apply.

Introduced in 2008, Automatic deportation is a system that allows the expulsion of non-British people who have served sentences of 12 months or more WITHOUT automatic legal advice or consideration of their individual circumstances.

Having a blanket rule that puts everyone in the same category leads to the routine breaching of human rights including the detention and deportation of individuals who:

  • Were born and/or raised here
  • Grew up in and have been the responsibility of the British care system 
  • Have children in the UK
  • Are vulnerable adults including people who may have survived torture and trafficking and others who may lack mental capacity 
  • Will not be safe in their country of origin
  • Could have won their deportation appeal had they had legal advice
We think that is heartless. If you agree enter your postcode to email your MP asking them to take a stand.